[s] Rhythms in ArtLacuna

Sarah Kenikie Palmer · Victoria Jenkins · Tom Popé · Harry Gammer Flitcroft · Katie Tindle · Peter Evans · Anna Pickles Harvey · Chris Cawkwell · Alex Duncan
PV: 24/01/19, 6-9pm

A group show of current ArtLacuna studio members with distinct and varied practices and foci, this show prompts introspection and self-examination in its viewer. Influenced by Henri Lefebvre’s writing on the analysis of rhythm (Rhythmanalysis) and it’s effects on those it touches; socially, physically and spiritually, the works shown are all concerned with lived monotony or the disruption of monotony. Lefebvre posits that a body is made up of a number of cyclical and linear (finite) rhythms. In order to observe other, societal rhythms, a Rhythmanalyst must use their own rhythms as a reference or unit of measurement. This is an exhibition where the artists were not selected to illustrate a curatorial idea/theme, but rather it is group of artists connected by the collective rhythm of ArtLacunca.

[s] is so called to evoke the sound of static noise, the sibilant s sound (as in hissssss) in speech signified by [s] in the phonetic alphabet. Ideas pertaining to staticity - both digital static (white noise), static charge and being/a still are common to the works displayed.