ArtLacuna 2020

ArtLacuna is currently closed to the public

ArtLacuna, its directors and studio members stand in solidarity with those who continue to suffer racial injustice and violence throughout the world, and those who are denied equal opportunity.

Since our formation in 2013 diversity and equality have been central to our mission statement and ethos. Our goal: to provide a safe and inclusive space for all artists – especially emerging artists and lesser represented practitioners. We have strived to be inclusive of gender, sexuality, ethnicity and religion. However, as an organisation there is always more we can do to address issues of inequality and to foster better practices that contribute to the changes we wish to see in the world at large. Some of these issues were raised in our work with Sonya Boyce and her talk I Don't even speak the Language as well as the exhibition Space Invaders curated by Michael Bryan and Zara Lawson, and subsequent publication of research. These events dealt with issues of race and access (or lack of) to art institutions – in particular, predominantly white, male dominated art institutions. As a small art organisation led by white males we are dedicated to understanding the current events and providing equal opportunity to all.

We will make this a priority of our upcoming activity – one that will reflect on the role and responsibility of artists and small, artist-led organisations within the current system and economic model. As part of our actionable plan we will continue to work with, and be inclusive of black, PoC, LGBTQ+ and disabled practitioners - as solo exhibitors, guest editors and speakers. We will facilitate much needed and urgent conversation about race and structural/institutional racism with BAME artists in order to unlearn, learn and reconfigure – helping to stimulate dialogue which will aim to break patterns of inequality, violence and injustice in all forms.

With this in mind we are pleased to announce that we have been awarded funding as part of Arts Council England's Emergency Response Fund.

We will be using these funds to directly support our studio members – whose contributions through studio rent enable us to continue to support emerging practitioners, and who without ArtLacuna would not exist – and the continual support of lesser represented artists whose shows have been affected and postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Funds have also been allocated for the development of our online platform and inclusion of virtual exhibitions and events, making sure that – not only for this period, whilst the physical space at ArtLacuna remains closed (due to Covid-19) – all future events, exhibitions and research are made accessible to as many people as possible; including, but not limited to, those who cannot physically access or visit the project space on Falcon Road. The continued contextualisation and evaluation of our critical output is more important than ever. To this end Really·Serious·Research will collate exhibition text(s), publications and guest editorials from a diverse demographic – making this content publicly available, and give voice to BAME, LGBTQ+ and disabled artists and creatives.

We're excited to share developments with you in the coming weeks. Until then stay safe, protect others and continue to stand against injustice wherever it may exist. – AL