West Herts College
PV: 12/03/20
OPEN: 13/03-22/03/20 by appointment only
ArtLacuna is currently closed to the public

Untitled features Illustrators from a new Digital Illustration and Animation course, who study at West Herts College. The work on display focuses on the Illustrative side of the course, where students have incorporated a mixture of technologies that are taught in sessions and software that is individually sourced by them. The idea that they have access to industry standard software while there being a constant flux of evolving software and applications which are affordable and in many cases free, results in the work being fresh and exciting.

Untitled signifies a cross road. Cross roads in terms of this being a new course, but also in the sense of a transition from an educational context in to the public realm for these emerging creatives. The artists possess varying thematic interests, but all share a mutual passion for Illustration.

Untitled is curated by Course Leader Matt Gee and lecturer Niamh O’Sullivan.