Undefining Folium

Folium Publishing
PUBLICATION LAUNCH: 24/05/19, 6-9pm

Folium is a publishing platform initiating research and discussion to facilitate the production of new work and printed material.

From forensic printing and leaked documents to the cinematic viewer becoming a performer, books become bodies and physical structures become sound. This one night event presents the launch of Undefining Folium, a collaborative publication featuring works by:

Jamie Smyth · Alexandra Davenport · Tuomas Kortteinen · Sanket Ghatalia · Adam Hines-Green · Hannah Fletcher · Sofie Cato Maas/Edgar Pera · Ben McDonnell

The publication is the result of a one month research and publishing project curated by Harry Gammer-Flitcroft and Stewart Hardie. The contributing artists produced work in response to a group forum, where research was shared and ideas developed. ‘Folium Form’ takes the work produced for the publication and translates it into a one night event to accompany the book launch.

Undefining Folium will be available for sale on the night, launch price £10.