May 2013

Sex, Death & Cocktails

Sharon Kivland · Alasdair Duncan · Holly Stevenson

ArtLacuna is situated in an deserted, council owned office. Upon entering for the first time, it was apparent that this was the perfect space. Size, cost, location, all boxes ticked.

And yet.

And yet, there was another element. A familiarity, a strangeness, a sense that I was intruding.The office paraphernalia remained. The desks, chairs, filing cabinets, all the things you might expect to find abandoned in an office that had been relocated and had no need of outdated furniture, but with a singular detail: everything remained. One day, the workers had simply left the building.

File upon file, papers, memos, notes, books, rubber stamps, all littered with the most anomalous of references in the most mundane of settings: ‘how homicide assessment teams are seizing the hour’, ‘drawing evidence from ballistics’, ‘inquests to file’, ‘for the witness’, ‘for the family’, ‘related physiology’, ‘vascular grafts and mammary prothesis’.

Who the hell were these people?
To my delight, we were taking over The Coroner’s Office.

ArtLacuna was launched in February 2013 with a presentations by three speakers, Sharon Kivland, Alasdair Duncan and Holly Stevenson. The remit was simple; show up to 20 slides with a maximum speaking time of twenty seconds for each, much like a Pecha Kucha, but less prescriptive. All three are artists and writers and all three refer to psychoanalysis in their work...

Sex, Death & Cocktails is the first in a series of occasional publications to accompany ArtLacuna's critical programme, bringing together all three presentations by our guest speakers.