Pirate Material

Louise Ørsted Jensen
OPENING: 29/07/22, 6:00-9:00pm,
OPEN: 30/07/-26/08/22 by appointment only (bookings via info@artlacuna.org)

P I R A T E M A T E R I A L presents a collection of large scale wood engravings, video and sculpture, documenting fragments of events where a piratical figure is venturing into a series of seemingly dangerous acts in potentially unstable environments.

'Pirate' originates from 'Peiráomai' in Ancient Greek, meaning 'trial' or 'attempt', and is perceived as 'the enemy of all'. Within this ongoing interrogation, the piratical figure functions as a sub-rosa vehicle for action - a place where one assumes an indefinite position without state or geographical belonging.

The piratical hereby becomes a state of exemption, inhabiting an extraterritorial region, freed and seen as a tactile entity when in contact with the world.

Jensen: “As we have discovered ourselves as a species, I wonder if humans have unknowingly become the antagonist within our contract with nature. This, I believe, has destabilised the individual's notion of agency, and challenged our relationship with the physical as well as technological spheres.”

Raised by a father who constructed home-made bombs for entertainment, Jensen questions how our experience of the world has been conditioned by the sensuous apparatus that we develop through our lifetime, exploring how humans are conditioned by our social as well as geopolitical environments.

Louise Ørsted Jensen is a Danish artist based in London, working across mediums ranging from text, video, painting, sound, installation and participatory performance.