Nothing to See Here

Dolly Kershaw
Due to Covid-19: in line with current lockdown guidance ArtLacuna remains closed to the public. You can view Dolly Kershaw's exhibition via 3D scan, and for local residents of Wandsworth – through the window – on an ad hoc basis when roller shutters are up.

Some metal shutters rise up and down at random times throughout the week, revealing ArtLacuna to the outside world, to whom it is currently closed. As its studio members come and go, a window display that proudly and unpromisingly feigns not to be one is revealed to passersby. It is a painted paper and lace curtain shaped into folds that reads NOTHING TO SEE HERE, lodged between the width of the space. Behind it, four vegetable air dancers writhe on the floor, a bit too much in view.

The display is Dolly’s second iteration in combining this popular declaration with a curtain. Previously hiding her studio space from a Work in Progress Show, she now shields the project space, not because it is empty, but because it necessitates a sneak view of what is really going on in there, in case the neighbours had wondered.