Upcoming Exhibition

Night Fright

Dolly Kershaw
OPENING: 23/04/21, 5-9pm, Schedule Appointment
OPEN: 24/04/-09/05/21 by appointment only (bookings via info@artlacuna.org) Due to Covid-19: 6 visitors allowed in at any one time, observing social distancing; Face coverings must be worn, barring exemptions.

ArtLacuna is pleased to Night Fright an exhibition of new work by Dolly Kershaw.

Following her lockdown curtain in the window that declared Nothing To See Here, Dolly’s new installation Night Fright makes use of the dual nature of a curtain as both a concealer and indicator that there is something being pointedly concealed. In this case, a backstage view to a show of unwilling sea puppets.

Dolly is a 2020 graduate of RCA Sculpture and previously studied a BA in Photography at Camberwell College of Art. She predominately works with text, paper mache and lo-fi kinetic methods to respond to the given context or a popular concern of the moment with a childlike aesthetic that muddles sincerity with humour, showiness and embarrassment.