Have A Word With Yourself Mate

Victoria Louise Doyle · Harry Gammer-Flitcroft
PV: 30/01/20, 6-9pm
OPEN: 31/01-09/02/20 by appointment only

Have A Word With Yourself Mate is a two person show by (mates) Victoria Louise Doyle and Harry Gammer-Flitcroft. The works on show deal with language, research and enjoyment in the pursuit of understanding.

In this exhibition both artists turn to storytelling as a method of understanding, or at least understanding that they don’t quite understand. Victoria Doyle continues to work with authorship, readership and the creative process as she sets out to discover the fugitive. Whilst Harry Gammer-Flitcroft prepares to confront his semi-fictional character Dr Katnap, possibly for the last time...

A body flares with light, marks the beginning of a new line of enquiry for Victoria, that of the movement of the photographic image. Part of an ongoing exploration into the ontology of the photograph, the work in this exhibition forms a visual amble through the history of the pendulum, its uses, and applications as an apparatus of discovery. Whist the visual generates thought; it is through the implementation of discourse that the discovery itself shall take place.

Harry presents a new written work about Dr Katnap, Coroner to Her Majesty's Court and conceptual artist. This spectral figure is based upon the past and present uses of 48 Falcon Road, Battersea, London, the site of this exhibition. Katnap is a troubled figure, morbid and irritable. Yet some say his artistic genius redeems him from his failings, I am less than convinced on the matter of both his genius and his failings.