Gifts Of Your Convictions And Other Frauds

Franco Andres ยท E. Garrett Bryant
PV: 27/03/19, 6-8pm

Gifts Of Your Convictions And Other Frauds, aims to treat the matter of inherited cultural legacy. Designating individuation as a jumping off point, video and sculpture confront psychosexual and psychogender notions to examine their modalities.

Andres' work makes use of the anatomical doll model to address a cultural concern for the physical body that may/may not align with a gendered sense of self. A figure referencing the child is cast against a domestic backdrop seemingly giving to the every-day.

Bryant is a artist that works across a variety of media, including performance, sculpture, and video. For this show he has found and fabricated video to address his own personal experiences of trauma, alienation, and confusion with cultural expectations of masculinity.