la·cu·na/ləˈk(y)o͞onə/ The lacuna, or lexical gap, represents a gap in translation, a place where multiple meanings are applied, where meanings shift and new interpretations can be made. ArtLacuna is an artist-led space established in May 2013, located in an old coroner's office near Clapham Junction. It accommodates artist studios, a residency and research program, as well as project and exhibition space.
Julia Frank & Jacob Wolff
PV: Wednesday 17th May 2017, 6-9pm
OPEN: 18th - 29th May, Friday - Sunday, 11am-5pm or by appoinment

The architectonic image of cities- what happened to it? Let's not complain about that. A wholly new one will arise. In the settlements the urban landscape will completely disappear. If we rise above the Earth in a balloon, what we will see below are houses strewn about like grains of sand, by now arranged in rows as well. The grains of sand will join together and the higher we rise the more they will appear like a fog, now thicker, now thinner, spreading over the green countryside. And in this fog, a few glistening spots sparkle, smaller and larger, like stars in the sky. It is the places of worship, erected in glass, illuminating the light. Everything has been loosened up; and they bloom here and there like rare and precious flowers. The stars in the sky and the stars on earth greet each other.*

*Edited excerpt from 'The Earth is a Good Dwelling', Bruno Taut, 1919
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