la·cu·na/ləˈk(y)o͞onə/ The lacuna, or lexical gap, represents a gap in translation, a place where multiple meanings are applied, where meanings shift and new interpretations can be made. ArtLacuna is an artist-led space established in May 2013, located in an old coroner's office near Clapham Junction. It accommodates artist studios, a residency and research program, as well as project and exhibition space.
David Marchant
PV: Saturday 11th February 2017, 6-9pm
OPEN: 12th - 25th by appoinment only, contact David Marchant (07846187029)

An exhibition of painting: its purpose is to render the exhibition space into a temporary state of irrelevance and negativity.

Comprising of a colour scheme intentionally made up from CMYK – as found within digital imaging and printed media – and displaying an organic texture, the work is meant to refer to the action where by consuming forms of media, a physiological experience occurs.

Like how a computer or printing press coagulates colours onto a LCD screen and a printed surface, to morph out images, so does the human visual, and cognitive recognition function, which he argues as 3 dimensional, not flat.

By considering the media in this exhibition, the artist wants to make comparatives between the intention in his work and how he sees the effects of media on other people.

This is by comparing the uselessness and irrelevance of both his work and constant media consumption, as both having none or little bearing on the consumer and viewer’s immediate environments. Yet both will continue to exist in their consciousness, hindering meaningful human exchanges after departing from the experience they were looking to engage with.
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