la·cu·na/ləˈk(y)o͞onə/ The lacuna, or lexical gap, represents a gap in translation, a place where multiple meanings are applied, where meanings shift and new interpretations can be made. ArtLacuna is an artist-led space established in May 2013, located in an old coroner's office near Clapham Junction. It accommodates artist studios, a residency and research program, as well as project and exhibition space.
Jack Brindley
Private view: Thursday 22nd February 2018, 6-9pm
Open: 23rd February - 2nd March, Thurs-Sat, 11am-4pm


High-gods, Minimalist gurus, atop of flat-pack Ziggurats flogging Spiritual enlightenment through Nu-age- life-style- online-magazine- totally-mental- health-awareness as you wholesale consume the uprising fashion of piety expressed through a range of hanging succulents, living inside a Pinterest account. Giving total reign to the Architects of archetypes making lives liveable through instruction manuals.


Now more than ever, High-tech- Avant-guard- Silicone-Valley- shamans micro-dose to add mystique to admin, trying to find a higher purpose for a taxing protocol. Perma-dazed tech wizards practicing transcendental meditation reflecting on Apple inc. Earthworks left from carving up quarries in China for rare Earth minerals. A High Sierra-Spiral Jetty so wacked out by the search of meaning in the neo-liberalist desert that no amount of Acid could provide significance to.

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